About Cilon Suites

The concept

The main parts of the ancient Greek Theater were the scene, the orchestra and the cilon, the amphitheatrical space around the orchestra where the crowd was seated. The eruption of Santorini’s volcano, around 1613 b.c., gave the island a shape that, when seen from above looks like the ancient Greek theater, with the caldera in the place of the cilon,

the sea in the place of the orchestra and the volcano in the place of the scene. Since then and until today, from East to West, nature gives each day her world renowned performance, enchanting and dazing whoever watches her, feeling as if they’re dreaming with eyes open.  Upon that unique marvel, Cilon Suites’ philosophy was based.

Cilon Suites consists of 5 suites, of various categories, designed to offer our visitors absolute peace and calm. Its privileged positioning guarantees the uninterrupted observation of this magical performance, with nature in the leading role.

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