Explore Santorini

Live the experience of open eyed dreaming.

Santorini is a special island. You can feel it when you step on her rock and you feel her energy flowing while your sight tries to capture the majesty of her scenery. Endless blue on a white background. Santorini is full of romanticism, wild beauty and an aura of mystique magic. The southernmost island of Cyclades with her unique volcano, that shaped the island’s fate, offers unique life experiences.


The volcanic activity throughout the centuries has given form to unique seaside landscapes, giving the sense of otherworldly, lunar like beaches, which along with the air of the island comprise another attribute that makes Santorini stand out. During your stay you should definitely visit the Red and White Beach, Perivolos, Vlychada, Perissa, Kamari and the Monolith and live the magical experience of the volcanic ground and sea bed. Many beaches are arranged with beach bars and chaise lounges.


Santorini is rich in history and tradition. Ancient Thera, prehistoric fossils, priceless paintings, impressive mansions and images of the island from another era are on display in various places:

  • The Museum of Prehistoric Thera
  • Archaeological Museum of Thera
  • Megaro Gizi
  • The Folklore Museum Lignos
  • Argyros Mansion
  • Lost Atlantis experience museum

Visit the Volcano

A little boat will first take you to visit Nea Kameni where you can walk until you reach the volcano’s crater. The majestic view towards caldera and its houses from every part of the isle will reward you. Next you will visit Palia Kameni with its hot springs where you can swim if you’d like.

Hiking in Santorini

Wisely carved on the island’s terrain, Santorini’s paths extend from Oia until the prehistoric lava of Akrotiri and from the old port of Fira until the sandy beach of Perissa. Through them, you will delight in the caldera’s unique view, you will cross traditional inland villages and you will discover secluded beaches even in the heart of summer.

Visit the prehistoric town of Akrotiri

One of the most important Aegean centers in the prehistoric era. The first installations in Akrotiri date back to the Later Neolithic Age (at least 4000 b.c.). Life in the city ended abruptly in the last quarter of the 17th century b.c. when the people living there decided to leave because of very strong earthquakes. The volcanic eruption soon followed. The material of the volcano which covered the city and the whole island have protected until today the buildings and everything inside them, just like in Pompeii.

Enjoy the sunset of Oia

An experience that words can’t describe, but everybody lives to the full. For a few minutes you will feel the energy of the place. And when the sun sets on the Aegean Sea, you will have taken this sunset along, and you will carry it with you forever.

Scuba diving

The depths of Santorini are ideal for diving, offering very impressive scenery. Among many others, a great place for diving is cape Tripiti in Therasia and Taxiarchis with the shipwreck, in Palia Kameni.

Wine tour

The volcano of Santorini has created a breathtaking landscape and a unique ecosystem, in which Santorini’s vineyard has adopted in the best way possible. There is a reason after all for the well-known expression “Santorini is the island that has more wine than water”. During your stay, the crew of Cilon Suites can arrange for you to visit some of the island’s most important wineries and taste a wide variety of wines.

Boat Rental and Yacht Charters in Santorini

Experience the world renowned sunset while travelling in a luxury  catamaran. Visit the Red and White beach and enjoy your meal on boat. Explore the volcano and take a swim in its hot springs to make the best out of their healing properties.

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